Frequently asked questions

1What are the requirements to hire a car with Wise Wheels Car Rental?

The driver must be at least 23 years old, and have had a license for at least 2 years

Drivers license must be in English and valid

The renter must hold his / her own credit card that we can use for authorization

2Why the credit card? Can I pay cash?
We must authorise your credit card before the rental begins. The authorization amount is usually the rental + insurance excess. This amount does not come off your card; it simply gets blocked until payment for the rental is taken. At the end of the rental, you may pay cash.
3What is a "car rental day"?
Rentals are charged in 24 hour periods, return of the vehicle later than the time on the booking will result in an extra day being charged. A grace period of 59 minutes is allowed for late returns.
4Should the tank be returned full?

Our vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel from the depot. On completion of the rental, you can fill the tank yourself, or we will fill it, and charge it to the card. There is no surcharge, and we only charge what the tank takes to fill up.

Unless otherwise stated, all our vehicles take unleaded fuel

5Where do I collect my car from at Cape Town Airport?
A rental agent from Wise Wheels Car Rental will be at the airport to meet you off your flight. Please look out for our rental agent holding a board with your name on in the arrivals lounge after you exit the luggage retrieval area.
6Delivery back to the airport
We will record when you would like to return the rental vehicle. When you enter the airport, keep to the left and follow the "drop and go" signs. You will go up a level, and you can stop in front of the departure terminal. We will approach you and give you the paperwork to identify ourselves. You may not park in this area, so if you need to change your time, let us know and we will adjust accordingly.
7What does the term excess (deductible) mean?
The amount the hirer is liable for in the event of an accident / theft before the insurance company will cover the remaining costs.
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